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Jeff Martin--Dear Ron, I don't know if you will ever even read this and I'm sure you would never remember who I am. I never took the opportunity to sit and talk with you, or share a drink, like the others (I don't drink). My family and I were on the Carnival Liberty the week of Thanksgiving. My parents were with me and my wife and my Uncle and Aunt. My uncle was the older gentleman that "flat-footed" to your rendition of "Orange Blossom Special" that night. Though they look perfectly healthy, my parents have been through a lot over the past year (or so). They have both had health-related issues and, more recently, my Father had to put my Grandmother in a nursing home due to complications with Alzheimer's. This was very stressful and difficult for my father, because my grandmother had always been relatively healthy and independent. To make matters worse, he lost his Stepfather (due to a heart attack) the week before our cruise. I have been doing everything I can to help them and bring them some manner of enjoyment through these difficult times. It was like God sent you on our vacation, because my parents "took to you" and came to your venue in the Promenade every night. This allowed me to enjoy my vacation and take some "time off" from worrying about them. My Dad and uncle especially enjoyed you taking the time to talk to them and demonstrate how your sound effects work. I enjoyed watching you casually interact with "passers by". Though I don't know you personally, you seem very genuine. You also seem like you may have (or are meant to have) some sort of relationship with God. I just wanted to say "thank you" for bringing my family (especially my Father) so much enjoyment during these difficult times. Please keep my parents in your prayers. I plan to order them your CD. My Father and Uncle are both Pastor's, and I am a former Youth Minister, so I can say that we would love to see a Gospel album in the future!
Mark & Debbie Boeing! We had the pleasure of seeing you on the Fantasy during the Valentines cruise. You might remember giving Mark flack about a Valentines present...then he got me a diamond bracelet.  We were really impressed with your talent and are looking forward to seeing you again. Do you know where you will be in August 2015 - February 2016. We are trying to plan our next vacations & would really like to find you at that time. 
Thanks for all the good times and memories....Mark & Debbie

Jack and Helen Toole!   We took a Carnival Cruise and found you the first night and you were the best entertainment on the cruise period. We danced and listened to you every night till closing time. Thank you for a great time. We hope to see you again on oun next curise or on the road somewhere. BIG FANS
​Nick!  I saw you play on the Carnival cruise line Fantasy Ship. I thought your show was absolutely
amazing! I had never seen anyone play guitar like that before.
​Barbara Costello!  Hey Ron, I am sure you remember the Costello/ Quackenbush families and my grandchildren on the Fantasy cruise from December 18-22. My son, Walt, my daughter Susan and her husband, Dana and Dana's mom, Deanna. We had a great time and you made it even more enjoyable with your talent. You have all the talent necessary to become a star just haven't been at the right place at the right time. Be patient 'cause good things happen to good people. Keep up the good work and hope to see you again in the future.
This is George, I saw you today. I loved the show. You make that equipment sounds like a whole band, but it is just you. I loved it. I love how you react to the audience, especially the little kids, and how you worked in the produce into your songs. And I will clean my room. LOL Good luck this month here in Nashville, and I will be back to see your show again. 
Have you got a chance to see my show? yes, in Nashville at the "Farmers Market Food Court"

Vik Valdez  May 6 at 3:46pm 

Hi Ron,
I wanted to stop by and leave this on your page about your "George Jones Tribute Show'. I am in complete awe on the performance you delivered here at Speaking Rock Entertainment in El Paso, TX on April 21st 2016. 
Your voice and performance is so George Jones. I am a country music fan and Have engineered many shows including such genre, I have to say it has to be one of my favorites in the span of my career. It's always a 
pleasure to work with professionals like you and your band. I hope to work with you again in the future. Keep George Jones and his music alive, you're the best! 
All the best from me and the crew AMP Audio Professionals - Pro Audio & Backline 
Jim Holden Thursday, 4/28/16, 1:59 PM 
While on vacation in Tenn., we accidentally stumbled upon the Nashville Palace while doing some local shopping. The plan was to stop in for a quick drink and some appetizers, but when Ron started his set, we thought it was George Jones! After only planning to stay for a very short time, well, it turned into the whole afternoon. The show was amazing, and by far the unplanned highlight of our trip. Hope to catch Ron another time, was very enjoyable... Thank you! 

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