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Hello everyone we did a 2-Hour Radio Show with Gary Gentry!! I hope the you got a chance to listen to it online, it was Saturday 10/03/15 at 10am. It was like setting the in a dream come true and thanking God for getting the chance to be with and play "Live" with such great people.

Gary is a great Songwriter, Great Entertainer and most of all Great People. He is famous for hits ​like The Ride, The Corvette Song, John Andersons-1959 and a string of other hits. Gary told his stories about how the songs came to mind and everyone was amazed at what a great Songwriter he is!!
I got a chance to play some "George Jones" songs and also sing a few of my own that I had written. I had a great time with these guys and it is a great thing that Jim Troup is doing!!

It all came about with Jim Troup at the helm! He done a great job putting this together and is also a Great Entertainer, Writer, Singer and dang good people!      Jim Troup--Contact Information!!

United Records and Publishing Complete Digital Recording Studio Call 615-868-6655 Jim Troup
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Do you need good old classic country, Outlaw Country and blues to get that certain 
feeling? We have got it right here...We throw some unreleased originals
 at you as well Its kinda like that big box of candy never know whats next
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Exciting News!! Now Broadcasting Listen To My Friend Jim Troup Presenting Nashville Songwriter's Showcase"